Sunday, August 12, 2007

Collecting eggs, tools and late supper.

Dear Everyone

I'm off for a week's holiday. As usual, I'll post a full set of 3BTs when I return. It should be an interesting selection, as I'll be camping and learning the basics of living in the wild.

1. On Friday night, Katie took me out to the hen arks and we collected six eggs -- I try to carry them in a fold of my skirt, but this proves impossible without flashing my knickers or dropping the eggs. We use my long vest instead. In the morning, she made them into pancakes.

2. Choosing new pens from a huge and many coloured selection and wondering if I would write something entirely different if I bought unusual tools.

3. We eat late -- Speldhurst bacon, runner beans, tomatoes and pasta -- and it tastes wonderful because I am hungry.


  1. I'm all worried about Clare camping in the forest! It's raining in T Wells, and when we dropped her off there was Clare, one other woman, and 14 burley blokes in army surplus shirts.

    I'm sure she'll be fine. She did travel (camping) across Africa after all!

    How is everyone? Anyone want to volunteer some 3BTs while she's away?

  2. I LOVE getting new pens and have thought that same thing many a time. My mom just gave me some calligraphy pens yesterday, and they set my imagination racing!

    Have fun camping!

  3. We can add:
    4. Seeing Clare's knickers as she tries to carry eggs in her skirt.
    5. Imagining Clare trying to sleep in a tent, with rain dripping on the roof and water running nearby.

  4. one. scarlett johansen
    two. pamela anderson
    three. sex

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  7. Good to see "anonymous" has grasped the subtleties of 3BT ;-) But, come on, Pamela Anderson! Really? That's the best you could come up with?

    [apologies for the multiple posts - now deleted - I was having a brain fart or something!]

    I wouldn't worry about Clare, she's got Ray Mears to protect her ... that's like going into a bar brawl with Clark Kent at your side!

    No doubt she'll be introducing Nick to the delights of eating worms and making bedding out of moss next week :-)


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