Sunday, August 19, 2007

Exam fuel, breaking up and civilisation.

1. Chrissie produces from I know not where packets of frothy cappuccino powder to fuel our bushcraft exams.

2. Smashing up the leaf shelters and throwing the support sticks and leafmould around the woods so that the next lot of students will have to find their own materials when their turn comes.

3. Katie comes home to find me up to my neck in bubbles. She makes up a tray of tea things and sits outside the bathroom door hearing my stories of life in the woods.


  1. Clare cleaning routine after a week in the woods: shower, bath, second shower, four towels, quart of bubble bath, book, tea, happy.

  2. Took me 5 Lush-product baths to finally get rid of the smell of wood-smoke!

    Still I think the things we learnt will take a lot longer to wash-out ... thankfully!


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