Thursday, August 23, 2007

Looking back, daily achievements and chocs.

1. As Nick and I part -- me to get my lift into work and he to the station -- I look back over my shoulder and see him looking back over his.

2. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named has discovered the Bristol Stool Chart. Copies of it have appeared all over the building with advice that we should be aiming for three or four.

3. Katie's boyfriend Jules has contributed a large and heavy box of chocolates to the household. We have strict instructions not to touch the one shaped like a butterfly on the second level.


  1. Hello, Clare!
    Thanks for your work and have a good day.

    Madeleine MaCaan
    There is strong suspicion that Madeleine’s case is being hidden by responsible people in England. Of what it doesn’t seem to have doubts is that the girl was assassinated

  2. Clarec smiling and crying at #1 loved it sandy

  3. Chocolates
    4. Imagining how special the butterfly one must taste.

  4. Is there a ring in the butterfly choc??? Aww...

  5. The top layer of the large and heavy box of chocs seems to have mysteriously vanished in the night....

  6. There were only about three left, and they were all white chocolate ones that you don't like.


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