Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scarlet, it's happening and harvest.

1. The mountain ash berries over the road are a-tremble because a bird is gobbling them down as fast as it can.

2. At 8am I get a text from Oli reading 'Baby!' At work, the girls from the other company crowd in, asking us for updates, as if the birth is happening under Oli's desk. We shake our heads and wait for news. At last, the proud father rings to tell us that he has a daughter.

3. The spaces in my lunch box are crammed with home grown tomatoes that are splitting with ripeness.


  1. Home grown? Off your patio garden? And did you get any of the berries before the bird (or are they only bird edible?)

  2. No, it's in a garden opposite, but they are edible in jam.

  3. lunchbox crammed with garden- what a lovely thought ..


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