Monday, March 02, 2009

Bread, sunset and green tea.

1. Pam sends fluffy yellow puris to the table. I sneak out to the kitchen to see her stretching and rolling the dough and frying them so they puff up like clouds.

2. It's hard to resent delays and a snarled journey when the sun is setting orange in a grey sky.

3. Finding a burnt sugar note in my green tea.


  1. Aside from popcorn popping in a glass lidded pan, I don't think anything else in the culinary world makes me smile with childish glee quite as much as when puris inflate.

  2. Had no idea what puris were just had to google. Corse now inspired to create own puffy clouds.

  3. Puris clouds and orange sun and sugar notes. A foodie day.


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