Thursday, March 19, 2009

The first moments, covered and a stolen child.

1. I step outside to pick up the milk and check my pots of seeds. The air is so still and cool and the day so full of possibilities.

2. A flowering shrub in the middle of this front garden has an old curtain thrown over it to keep the cold off.

3. We find frogspawn in the nature reserve pond. She tells me that when she was at junior school, she stole a single jellied egg from the class's tank and took it home in her drink bottle. Her mother was very cross and said: 'Well you'd better look after it.' So she raised a little frog.


  1. It has gotten colder today for sure! Your frog spawn find reminds me of when my youngest son was about 4 years old. (he is 20 now) We lived out in the rural countryside of New Brunswick and there was a drainage ditch just across from our house. He came running in all excited one day with a stick full of frog spawn. He thought he had found an alien with lots of eyes! It was so much fun growing tadpoles with him. What an adventure!

  2. i came across your blog which i really enjoyed. can you please explain to me about the three beautiful things and why you started it? im very interested. please feel free to drop me a note / message

  3. Love the idea of"a stolen child"froglet. Set my imagination zinging!

  4. I can't use your email, but I love reading about your beautiful things, and was inspired to write three of my own.


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