Friday, March 27, 2009

A small sin, time well-spent and the transformation.

1. I secretly like the odd slice of white plastic bread, toasted with lots of butter.

2. I put on the TV in the waiting-for-Nick-to-come-home half hour and find an episode of the Simpsons that I've never seen before.

3. It's discouraging, brownish and lumpy before I blend it (with a lot of milkl) into silky yellow curried parsnip soup.


  1. Oh yes - the soup effect. We've had a few of those lately. Vile looking when luke warm and lumpy and suddenly transformed. A good dose of cream helps too :) We had that parnsip one, and also parsnip and ginger. Mmmm feeling hungry now!

  2. My secret sin is cheap white breat spread with butter and Heinz sandwich spread. I love parsnip soup. I think it's one of my absolute favourites!


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