Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking bread, the three and a family.

1. The red gold flakes of pain-au-chocolat falling on to our plates, the table and into the folds of our clothes were worth waiting for.

2. His three girls are as excited as spaniels. There is a laugh under his voice as he tells them to WAIT for the people getting off before boarding the train; and to WAIT for the lady who offered them her seat to get up before they try to sit down.

3. The family moves like sea currents between the dining room, the kitchen and the sitting room where we are relaxing after a feast. The sound of a glass breaking rushes them into the dining room to comfort, forgive and reassure. 'They're so nice,' I whisper to Nick. 'I want our family to be exactly like this.'


  1. This is my first time writing a 3BT post so I wanted to share. Hope you like it.

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  3. Hallo! Always beauty on your blog. It is such a dreary day here I was inspired to write a 3BT too. Pop over to Phat Beats if you wanna have a geez.

    Love your work Clare. Inspiring, precious and lovely. x


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