Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dressing, superhero and in the dark.

1. Having my clothes laid out ready in the morning so I don't have to think too hard about getting dressed.

2. I really like Dr Manhattan in Watchmen. He's so blue and strange and calm.

3. Coming home to find Nick already in bed. When I am washed and ready for bed, I come in. He turns on the lamp to guide me through the dark.


  1. Intriguing that in the first image that comes up on the link for Dr Manhattan you can clearly see his "bits". I bet thats not in the film and instead he has an Action Man smoothness...

  2. Actually, there are some scenes where his bits are visible (not in much detail, but clearly there). I kind of like his casual nakedness.

  3. Good for him! I must admit I'm quite surprised at that. I'd quite like to see it. Maybe when I'm there I can keep a blue willy count.

    I am quite puerile...

  4. It's very good and thought-provoking -- if violent.

    I went with a friend who'd seen it before, and she said the blue schlong spotting could get a bit distracting. When you do see it, it's quite understated -- in the original comic, it's meant to look like a Greek statue.

  5. Dr. Manhattan is great I'm more partial to Rorschach. I'm such a sucker for the anti-heroes.

    Me and my friend are such crazy Wathcmen fanatics that we are writing our own fan fiction just for fun. We have way to much time on our hands.

  6. I think we've all got fan fic in our past :-)

    But Rorschach over the strange blue one? All I can do is shake my head...


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