Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No coat, the black cat and meat.

Over at Daily Mammal they are discussing My Family and Other Animals.

1. I leave the house without a coat.

2. A black cat shape has been cut out of the car park.

3. He's looking covetously at my pink lamb cutlets, but he's not having any.


  1. Ah, a simple thing like no coat! I went without mine today too, all the way across the ocean from you, and it was a sublime and simple pleasure.

  2. Like my fellow Atkins across the ocean (!), I too went coatless today and wanted to share that with you. It was BEAUTIFUL. It really is a nice thing. I think it was the first day this year. And thanks for the MFAOA link!

  3. wow spring is springing !!Sandy


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