Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yellow paper, out and home now.

1. I make myself feel better by drawing rude pictures on sticky notes of villains in the ridiculousness at work.

2. At lunchtime, we go out. Away from the office and into the woods and fields, where we would rather have been right from the start.

3. Coming home -- the door is open to get some air circulating round our abandoned flat -- stripping off my boots and coat, washing my hands and starting on supper.


  1. I was feeling grumpy at work. When someone said ..'conversations with a purpose' I made myself laugh by drawing a little dolphin saying hello. That was the closest I got to rebelling ;)

  2. You should have quietly stuck the post its on their back.

  3. It does make you feel better, doesn't it, Tillybud.

    Den -- I wish! -- that would have been so funny... I might have to do another picture of the villain with the original cartoon stuck on him...

  4. I wondered why I couldn't find a sticky note around the office . . .

  5. publish your first cartoon on here if you do. Could be the start of a new career!


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