Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friends, pancakes and Murdoch.

1. With it being half term, there's been a lot of children's programmes on the radio. This morning, they played I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends by the White Stripes. Its one of those songs that puts a smile on my face and the effect is intensified when I hear it by chance.

2. We make pancakes -- it's Shrove Tuesday. With pancakes, the first few are always a mess, and then they start to come right. 

3. The first episode of the new season of Murdoch -- it's a detective series set in 19th century Toronto. Murdoch finds himself across the Atlantic in Bristol suffering from Amnesia -- and, more pressingly, two murderous pursuers.


  1. Isn't Murdoch a terrific series? And isn't Yannick Bisson one of the best-looking actors ever!!

  2. Is he? I hadn't noticed... :-) Don't tell Nick, or he'll suspect my motives!

    Did you see the trailers for Sue Thomas FB Eye, which features a younger (and still dishy) Yannick Bisson.

  3. I've watched Sue Thomas here in Canada for quite a few years...and loved it. Yannick Bisson now does a TV commercial for a Bank here. Even older.....still gorgeous.


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