Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Use your loaf, seagulls and end of work.

1. Some of our homemade loaves cut more neatly than others. This (white with cheese and chives and mustard) is one of the tidy ones -- it's pleasing to lay out flat, even slices for my sandwich.

2. Seagulls spring into the air as if the lower cricket ground has been suddenly pulled taut.

3. Nick comes home, I stop work, and the flat lets out a great sigh of relief and sinks down into a relaxing evening.


  1. Springy seagulls and sighing flat - so originally expressive and immediately recognisable.

  2. Hello, thanks. I've started trying to 3BT myself..

  3. A very satisfying threesome - I too like the way things and places take on life and movement, and your bread sounds mouthwatering!

    (I read every day in my inbox - sorry I dont' get over more often.)


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