Friday, February 12, 2010

Treasure, education and supper.

1. The sun in shining, but shards and motes of snow have set the air glittering.

2. At The School of Life, they have a mural by Charlotte Mann in the classroom. It is done with black marker, and depicts a busy, cluttered room, with wide open windows. It feels as if some people have just stepped out for a moment, leaving their Scrabble half finished. Teacher Mark Vernon explains that it's to make you feel as if you aren't in a basement, and to maybe help you think a bit differently.

3. At supper they have a sort of fruit in slices. It looks like a pear, but it isn't. It turns out to have been soaked in vodka, and it is delicious. Later I pick up a thumb sized piece of chocolate cake -- it is both salty and sweet and fills my mouth in a very sticky, satisfying way.


  1. Hi. I just want to thank you for the concept of Three Beautiful Things! I've been blogging 3BT for some weeks now, and it's making me think more positively I'm sure. When I sit down to blog, I'm surprised at how much difficulty I have thinking of three lovely things that have happened during the day, and yet there are many! My aim is to concentrate on them, hold them while they're happening, try and live longer in the happy moment. Thank you!

  2. Today, I don't have a favorite! Your 3BT's are all Wonderful!


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