Monday, February 01, 2010

Scarlet scarf, advice and the step.

No weekly round-up this week -- I'm a bit overwhelmed with work. I really missed reading through your posts on Sunday.

1. To see Nick from a long way off because his scarlet alpaca scarf stands out.

2. There is a fat old Household Management book in our kitchen. It gets pulled out and consulted all the time -- the reaction usually being "What the hell is sweetbreads?" and "Where on earth do you get hold of camphor?" and "There is no way on earth I'm boiling that." I go in for some information about making stock. In the summary points at the top it says: "Be careful about the amount of turnip used. A little bit of turnip goes a long way in flavouring."

3. Taking a firm step towards my dream of writing a script for a British science fiction or fantasy series by responding to a call for pitches from Big Finish -- the company that produces the Dr Who radio plays.