Monday, February 01, 2010

Scarlet scarf, advice and the step.

No weekly round-up this week -- I'm a bit overwhelmed with work. I really missed reading through your posts on Sunday.

1. To see Nick from a long way off because his scarlet alpaca scarf stands out.

2. There is a fat old Household Management book in our kitchen. It gets pulled out and consulted all the time -- the reaction usually being "What the hell is sweetbreads?" and "Where on earth do you get hold of camphor?" and "There is no way on earth I'm boiling that." I go in for some information about making stock. In the summary points at the top it says: "Be careful about the amount of turnip used. A little bit of turnip goes a long way in flavouring."

3. Taking a firm step towards my dream of writing a script for a British science fiction or fantasy series by responding to a call for pitches from Big Finish -- the company that produces the Dr Who radio plays.


  1. We've got a big fat Household Management book too, mostly for amusement but it does offer up the occasional gem of forgotten wisdom.

    My favourite chapters are the ones on dismissing domestic servants, visiting etiquette and something they seem to think of as mandatory for a good housewife - how to tell fortunes using tea leaves.

  2. Can I strongly advise that no turnip at all goes a long way in flavouring a stock.

  3. Lucille -- that sounds like the voice of experience!

    Louisa -- ours doesn't have anything about dismissing domestics -- but it's got some great teatime suggestions. Galantine of sheep's tongue anyone?

  4. I'll have to keep in mind that a little bit of turnip goes a long way. Then again, turnips don't usually cross my mind (or kitchen counter).

    Finally following you and periodically posting three things myself. Thanks.

  5. Well done, Joe! I'll keep an eye out for your posts. I've also updated your link on the Roll of Honour so it goes to your three things label.


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