Tuesday, July 13, 2010

White flowers, stocks and further movement.

1. There is a jasmine in our courtyard. I've noticed and appreciated the scent, but until today, I hadn't looked properly at the petals. They are folded like the sails of a pinwheel -- although there are five instead of four. Somewhere I have an origami book with instructions for making a pentagon out of a paper square. I bet it would be possible to fold a few jasmine-style pinwheels from crisp white paper. But I don't suppose I could make them as dainty as the ones outside the back door.

1b. I have an errand on the industrial estate. Paulv has a break, so he comes out to see me while I shop.
2. Anna and Susannah come with stocks that smell of cinnamon. The colours remind me of my mother-in-law's wedding outfit -- hot pinks and royal purples.  

3. Nick has been feeling left out of the wriggling baby experience. He is always just a moment too late to feel our child pushing on the tent of my belly. But tonight, we wait patiently under the covers. Baby Badger gives a shove, as if to say "Where have you gone? What are you doing?" In the dark my husband's face lights up.