Saturday, July 31, 2010

Budge up, end of the day and gardening.

I've been meaning to mention Louisa's birthday beautiful things -- there are 31 of them to mark the turning of her year.

And also, Lucy at Box Elder has been recording her beautiful things for a month. She says some very kind things about 3BT in her last post (I hope it's just the last post for now!) and I love the idea of swaddling Baby Badger in something as luxurious as ermine... if only.

1. A sparrow lands on next door's flowering shrub. And another. The first shifts to the next branch. This happens six times in quick succession. Our neighbours put seed on the top of the back wall.

2. Today has been tough. It's such a relief when Nick comes home. I can stop banging my head against a brick wall and start doing something I know I'm good at.

3. Now we have a garden, I have an excuse to watch Gardener's World. Also -- I like seeing Carol Klein on TV. She was a friend of my boss in the gardening magazine days and was one of the loveliest, charmingest, kindest people I've ever met.