Thursday, July 15, 2010

Job done, blue-eyed boy and device.

1. Nick marched through the door and announced that we needed to get cracking with supper if he was going to finish the bookshelf that had stumped him last night. "But I did it this morning," I tell him. Of course, he made all the mistakes first so I knew what to avoid.

2. If he wasn't chewing on my hair and dribbling in my ear, I wouldn't have believed eyes that blue existed outside manga fanfic.

3. You might have thought we were without water and electricity from my father's reaction. He sent me out to buy him an iPad, which I am to borrow until we get back on the Internet. Nick and I walk up to the pub at the top of the street, where they have wifi, so we can post some beautiful things and check the Ikea catalogue for bookshelves.