Monday, July 26, 2010

The lady in the next bed, meadow petticoat and cup of tea.

1. The lady in the next bed -- she has just asked me where I got my skirt, which she says is unusual and beautiful -- asks the nurse if she can have some blusher. "I look so pale, my darling." I hope her family brings her some.

2. An empty office block. A skirt of overgrown grasses and wild flowers.

3. That cup of tea is very welcome on this hot, still afternoon.


  1. Are you OK, Clare? Concerned about the hospital sound of BT #1.

  2. I'm fine! We were visiting Nick's mum.

  3. I guess you wouldn't have been wearing a skirt if you were in the bed, now that I think of it.

    But I hope Nick's mother will be OK. Good wishes from Atlanta.

  4. Thanks Lynn -- it's kind of you to worry :-)

    I'll pass on the good wishes: I think she'll be amazed.


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