Sunday, July 25, 2010

New bread, tanks for the memory (sorry) and strawberries.

I was very pleased yesterday to get a message from James Heald, saying that a combination of 3BT and Pythagorean philosophy inspired him to start blogging. He is planning to spend 18 minutes a day writing, and here he talks about his aims.

I wanted particularly to mention this, because I know a number of 3BT bloggers tail off after a while. One reason is the format doesn't work for them. If that's the case, they might find a timed exercise, or a word count fits in better with their nature and lifestyle. 

I do think a limit is vital with writing -- it prevents blank page fright. I use this idea every day -- my to-do list includes items like 'Write 75 words on hair removal article' and '100 words on jam' (actual examples from last week). My thinking is 'Only a total loser would fail to write 75 words.'

So if your 3BT blog has withered on the vine, don't be disheartened -- try a different tactic. I still think I was very lucky to stumble, first time, on a formula that has worked so well for me. If writing a list of three things every day doesn't work for you, you are not a bad blogger -- you are a different blogger.

1. Simon has had his lunch on the train, but "I just want some of that new-baked bread."

2. Nick and Simon are bouncing off the walls when they come home from War and Peace -- they can't stop talking about the tanks and the Jeeps and the Lancaster Bomber flypast and the lone World War Two Swedish army re-enactor with his long-suffering wife.

3. To stain the chopping board by cutting up a punnet of strawberries. Just before dinner, I strew them with a little sugar, which will brings out the juice.