Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ivor, salads and nibbler.

1. I love Ivor the Engine for its kindly observation, soft palette and gentle narrative.

2. At Juliet's, instead of just two salads, we get a mixture of all the salads "Because you're take away," says the server as she spoons melting roasted aubergines, crimson-stained feta, vinegarish cucumber, jewelled couscous and the sweetest ever slices of sweet potato.

3. Alec picks up a curled sliver of crimson grated beetroot and puts it in his mouth. He asks to be put on my lap, and eats couscous from the box. Grains patter on the floor. He takes my fork and tastes the gumbo, and then scoops up more with his little spoon.

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  1. Ivor the Engine was one of the animations we were given as examples of really good use of cut-outs in pre computer days,& don't forget Idris the dragon! It's surprisingly sophisticated & beautifully made, like lots of children's things.


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