Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seedlings, snugglepod and nature documentary.

1. I notice two green shoots which look like sunflower seedlings in the middle of the strawberry pot. The person who is meant to scatter birdseed on the ground each morning would have some explaining to do, if he could talk. Still, we can pot them on and he will enjoy watching them reaching for the sky.

2. The attic is too hot so Nick is sleeping on the sofa bed in the front room (it's the old snuggle pod from the flat). He leaves it up when he goes to work, so Alec and I retire to it after breakfast and chores. We watch an episode of Ivor in the drawn curtain twilight, and have some bub. When he gets home from nursery, he obviously remembers because immediately points to the sofa bed (which still hasn't been put away) and says: "Bub" and then "Toot-toot". 

3. "Today I suddenly felt like watching a nature documentary," says Nick. So we find one on iPlayer (it has badgers in it) and watch it, lolling on the snuggle pod.


  1. Watching my little shoots daily as I forgot what I planted - love surprises!!

  2. It's also possible that birds or squirrels planted that sunflower . . . It has happened her in St. Peters, MO.

  3. It's possible, but I've seen Alec carefully dropping pinches of birdseed into the pots! Almost as if he knew what he was doing...

    He's very good at feeding the birds -- it's amazing how deliberate he is about it. I thought he'd just pour the seed on the ground (he does that some days), but on most days he walks around holding the pot and dropping a pinch here and a pinch there, mostly on the ground, but sometimes in through the door or in the watering can -- or in the planters.

  4. Clever boy! If the sunflower grows to maturity, it will be fun watching birds hang on upside down to eat the seeds . . .


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