Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jubilation, refuge and free.

1. As we come out of the pool we pass two mahogany-coloured men on their way in. "What are you wearing?" one of them asks, pointing at the other's very brief Union Flag swimming trunks.
"Someone's got to, for the Jubilee."

2. We come to Tim's house on this hot, hot day. It's cool inside and the light is soft. And godfather Timothy is pleased to see us, too. He is even enthusiastic when Alec climbs down and then up the kitchen step for the seventeenth time.

2b. A particularly excellent (soft and fresh with a surprising filling) chocolate doughnut from Gregg's.

3. That moment when Alec disengages and rolls over, and I can go downstairs to join Nick.


  1. Thank you both for braving the heat and popping in. It was the most fun I've had for ages - I never get tired of my godson's antics ;)

  2. Gregg's chocolate doughnuts are the best thing ever, I used to get one for my lunch every Saturday when i was a teenager:-)
    thanks for sharing
    what a wonderful blog

  3. Thanks Martine, glad you like it. Greggs do junk food so well, don't they! If you're going to eat junk food, make it tasty, I reckon.

    And thanks Tim -- I was worried we'd tired you out. I was so glad to have a short break from Alec that day. Fond of him though I am, he was very hard work on Monday. He always is when he gets into something new -- he just wants to practise climbing and practise climbing at the moment.


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