Thursday, May 17, 2012

Word, boo and the funniest thing ever.

1. Alec puts his hand on the bathroom door and says: "Dor! Dor."

2. I have a tiny crimson mole on my chest -- it's about the size of a pin head. When Alec has some bub he often puts a finger over it to hide it, and then reveals it again.

3. Nick is quite right -- throwing all the dirty laundry down the stairs is the funniest thing ever.


  1. Loved number 3 - did you then ride the laundry hamper down? LOL

  2. I have some of those little red lumps too, and my baby boy (now 5) has always been fascinated with the one on my chest.
    My family calls breastfeeding "suckies".

  3. Hmm, that's an idea! I don't think Nick would go for it...but then he's not here most of the week :-)

    It's fascinating all the different names people use for breastfeeding. Suckies is nice, and so is nursies. Bub-bub is Alec's own word for it. I used to call it 'booby' -- I don't know why because I hate that word, it sounds like a mistake. One day I was thinking of Shakespeare in Love, and offered him some bub. He said it right back to me as one of his first words. I love being woken in the night by a sleepy little voice saying 'bub-bub'.

  4. I thought it was just me who enjoyed throwing washing down the stairs!


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