Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pastries, first swim and proper relaxation.

1. "I know they're still warm because I've just brought them up from the kitchen where they were cooking them," says the waiter about the pastries at breakfast. I take a raspberry jam one. It is very good and I'd like more, but I must remember my manners in front of the children.

1b. I discover that while I was re-settling Alec in the middle of the night I fell asleep and Nick walked a wakeful Bettany around for a whole hour because he didn't want to wake me.

2. To take Bettany for her first swim -- I'm not sure if she's just pleased because I'm holding her again, or because she likes being in the water.

3. We leave Alec in the hotel's creche and spend the rest of the morning lolling on the bed in our beautiful room, dozing, reading and bubbing Bettany.