Friday, February 07, 2014

Shiners, filling the time and in the baby room.

1. Alec shakes the silvery drops off the hood of his new raincoat.

2. I was going to get a coffee between the nursery drop-off and physio (a coffee all by myself) but I am so wet and the world is so wet that I can't be bothered. I go the long way round, walking over the Common to get a bit of greenwood time and then arrive early, which means 15 minutes reading my Interzone.

3. I am about ten minutes late picking Bettany up -- the rain, the rain. I can hear her shouting as I climb the stairs. "She's been like this maybe ten minutes," they tell me. How did she know the time I was supposed to come? I sit and bub her on the floor and chat with the staff about her afternoon. The baby room has a sense of quiet purpose that I enjoy very much.