Sunday, February 23, 2014

Throat, family resemblance and night talk.

1. Yogi brand throat tea. Soothing and liquorice flavour.

2. I open Alec's nursery folder and on the first page is a very early photograph of him -- he's about the same age Bettany is now. For a moment I think it's her.

3. I am too tired and ill to be firm with Alec at bedtime. We lie in the dark chatting about kidney function and digestion and giant penguins and H P Lovecraft and whether dragons are real. It takes a long, long time for him to settle, but it's very, very pleasant and restful for me.

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  1. Throat Comfort Tea got me through many days of teaching and evenings of storytelling . . . magic brew! I hope you are feeling better, and love the coziness you have found despite illness. Storytelling at bedtime is the best!


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