Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dress code, pigment and to err is human.

1. The morning is cool and the air is full of something halfway between rain and mist. I worry that I have put the wrong clothes on and that I'm going to spend the whole day shivering and curling my legs up under my skirt. But at work, the temperature creeps up to 27 degrees, and I am glad of my cotton dress.

2. The amazing ability of my skin to change colour in the sun. I'm not a fan of deep tans -- but there is something magical about the white between my fingers against the brown backs of my hands.

3. Going to my scriptwriting class and knowing that it is safe to make mistakes.


  1. I think skin is the most amazing thing we have. It's ability to change color, it's ability to heal after injury, how it regenerates itself constantly, and how it changes with age. I think laugh lines around the eyes are the most beautiful, sexiest thing.

  2. Another blogger talked of a day at the beach. Arriving home her five year old went upstairs to wash off the sand. She heard screams and ran up. His comment, looking in the mirror at his bare backside 'Mom - my butt's turning white!'. Thus her lesson on suntan.


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