Friday, June 08, 2007

Spatter, sweet things and Wales.

1. A few spots of rain land on the pages of my book.

2. My mother rings to tell me about the puddings she has planned for my birthday. 'Strawberries and cream, pavlova, Eton mess, chocolate hazelnut torte, cheesecake...' I haven't had my supper yet and I start to feel light-headed.

3. Hearing a Welsh accent on the radio.


  1. Mmmm, Eton Mess - one of my favourite things about summer!

    Enjoy it all!


  2. Could I borrow your mother for a while? (or at least come to the party?)

  3. ... a rain shower with the sun shining. :-)

    I've only just started blogging (this week in fact!) and ran across yours in the Blogs of Note archives. What a wonderful idea you have here!

  4. What is Eat and Mess?

  5. Barbara -- it's a pudding of cream, raspberries and crushed meringue.

    Ed -- we discussed this yesterday. It's a genre of specialist magazine.

  6. Ed -- how do you know I don't know some other Eds with whom I was discussing specialist magazines yesterday? Anyway -- as we all know, you don't read this because you think it's twee, so I can't understand why you would imagine I thought it was you.


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