Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Friendly face, tale told and light in the window.

1. When I am waiting for a lift, seeing a car coming with a familiar face behind the windscreen.

2. The night is shut out by red checked curtains and deep red sofas. I am drinking wine with fascinating people who tell sparkling stories -- the dancer who married a bigamous waiter; the decorator who was searching for his lost son ('but it won't affect my work'); a French woman who wouldn't let her children speak French; a family that has steadily moved west through the generations.

3. Coming home late, I see from the street that Katie has put the light on in my bedroom. When I get in, I find she has made my bed as well.


  1. # 2 makes you appreciate your own family all the more I'd suspect. It would me, except mine could find a place in the same book, and comprise an entire chapter.


  2. My family spent several generations working their way west, and now they're staying put. It's up to my generation (or my children) to cross the sea again, I suppose. Some of us just can't seem to settle, but still can be such homebodies. Some days I don't even leave the house, but others I travel for miles and miles and miles.


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