Sunday, June 24, 2007

Small person, bridesmaid, creatives, rain, gathering and sacrifices.

1. Ellie giggling like crazy at a blue balloon; standing still to have her photo taken; babbling to her father about a stroll we've just had round the garden, complete with squelchy grass sound effects; dancing in the garden room; offering the rose on her dress so that I could smell it; feeding me spoonfuls of her yoghurt; and walking round clutching a piece of ice.

2. Realising that all the people that have been bridesmaids to are in the same room -- my two aunts, Cat and Fenella.

3. The beautiful things that people created for my birthday. The magical cake that Janey decorated with 30 beautiful things; and the wonderful picture of 10cm squares collected from my friends and family by Katie and Fenella; the psychodelic birthday card from my cousin Amy; the unfinished picture that my cousin Laura very kindly showed me; and the welcome created by my parents.

4. It rained, but it was interesting, thundery, downpouring rain interspersed with sunny periods, rather than a full day of drizzle.

5. A party small enough that I could talk with almost everyone.

6. Caroline came despite having a bad back. Other people arrived safely despite the rubbish directions I gave (I'm so sorry). Rosey missed a lift to Germany so she could be there. Robert took a day off work and missed a trip to the Alps. Cat, Alan and Ellie hired a car to come down. My aunts, uncles and cousins battled round the M25. My mother organised a party knowing it would probably wipe her out for the next few days. And my father let her do it.


  1. Happy Birthday Clare. Your posts really made me smile today.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Clare! It sounds like you had quite a wonderful celebration.


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