Saturday, June 02, 2007

Speech, creamy and pirates.

1. I ring Cat and Ellie for a chat. Ellie is persuaded to share some of her first words -- 'orange juice'. Cat doesn't know where she gets it from -- 'she doesn't even have orange juice that often. It's obviously important to her, though.'

2. I turn round for a second and when I turn back Katie has put what appears to be half a dairy farm into the mashed potato -- butter, milk and creme fraiche. It tastes delicious.

3. Watching Captain Jack Sparrow sail The Black Pearl down a sand dune in Pirates of the Caribbean III. And the scene where they sail across the Milky Way.


  1. The perfectly heart shaped petals falling from the rose bush onto our front path.

    And the new insult of 'you yeasty codpiece' learnt from Pirates of the Caribbean.

  2. I saw POC III last weekender! Had to write about it in my blog also. Try a spot of horse radish in your potatoes or garlic...but not both at once!


  3. How did you like the movie? I've heard mixed opinions.

  4. Carolina Moon -- I do the garlic thing sometimes -- I put a clove in at the start and let it all cook, then mash it all up together.

    Fred -- It was OK; but there wasn't enough Jack Sparrow doing what he does best; I was disappointed in Norrington; and the fight scenes went on and on and on. But as I said in the post -- I did like the sea of stars and icebergs. And I liked the map, too.

  5. I heart Johnny Depp, and I wish I could have seen more of him in the movie (although, there were, actually, more of quantity).


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