Friday, June 01, 2007

Tappity-tap, beans and open the door.

1. The sound of Katie tapping on my door in the morning. I pull the covers around me, and as she comes in, she says: 'Ohh, a bed bug,' before handing me a cup of tea.

2. Beans on toast.

3. Recognising a word in a Japanese film -- 'Kaimun' -- which we used in China to ask the chamber maids to let us into our hotel rooms. In Akira Kurosawa's Ran it is used by an general invading a castle to mean 'Open the gate!'


  1. Here are three beautiful things from my walk back from the station tonight:
    1. People watching in the Grove. You can see all sorts of exciting interactions like teenage love trysts and small children learning to get over the fear of going down a very slight slope on their bicycle-with-stabilisers.
    2. Someone has sprayed one of the very staid black cast iron bollards along the pavement turquoise and fushia pink.
    3. The strong smell of flowers from the border by the garage.

  2. Hey - I don't know if you would consider giving in to peer/blogger pressure and completing a "meme," but I "tagged" you on one of my postes to list your top five favorite places to eat on your blog(I'd accept three :Þ).

  3. 1. Pizza Express on Tunbridge Wells High Street.

    2. Standing up in the kitchen.

    3. Java Bean on Tunbridge Wells High Street.

    4. A desert on a cold night with a tin plate of hot stew on my knee.

    5. Anywhere that I have to walk a long way to get to.


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