Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blue sky, all colours and Nick.

1. Seeing a sky start off grim and wet turn into clear bright blue.

2. The flowershop has a bucket of ranunculuses, as big as a child's fist.

3. It was Nick's birthday yesterday, so of course he is the main beautiful thing. There are an awful lot of things I like about him, many of which are too shy-making to list here. But I don't mind saying that as the kindest and most loving and most sympathetic and most supportive person I have ever met, he is everything I never dared to hope for.


  1. #3 and the fact that you realize and appreciate him is a most beautiful thing !!!!

  2. Nick is one of my oldest - and best - friends and I am so pleased you have found each other.

    It makes Rachel and I smile each time we read something about the two of you on 3BT.

    Of course, as we pointed out to Nick at the weekend, it was *our* wedding you met at, so you owe us BIG TIME ;-)

  3. Flea, I hope you're not going to demand our firstborn or anything like that!

  4. Firstborn???? Getting yourself psyched up for February 29th then? :-D

  5. I was thinking it might be some sort of long-term investment. You can be godparents if you like -- It'll need plenty of support if Nick gets his way and calls it Anakin.

    There will be no proposing on Feb 29th in our camp, thank you very much.

  6. Clare - I think you know full well that Flea would be in favour of 'Anakin'...and he'd probably end up with a Yoda baby grow for his first birthday.

    Why not Feb 29th? I can think of no better time!

  7. Please don't scare Nick (and me!). Eight months isn't quite long enough to get our heads around the idea.

  8. Yes, you've scared me now, Lumpy. I might have to spend the 29th in hiding in the aeroplane bookshop, or some games store, or somewhere else Clare wouldn't think to look for me.


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