Saturday, February 02, 2008

Packing, potatoes and best boyfriend ever.

I am away now until 11 February -- I will catch up then. Meanwhile, why not amuse yourselves on the Roll of Honour.

1. A pile of clothes and equipment ready for a holiday.

2. I am not convinced that the little Arran Victory potatoes will cook through, strung on skewers and baked. But I keep faith, and they come out floury and soft as promised.

3. Nick has brought one of his favourite films -- The Sea Hawk -- for me to watch. But I am still keyed up and tense from the reading on Thursday; and feeling skittish because I'm about to go on holiday. I keep shifting and wriggling. Nick remarks that I need to go to girlfriend school, so I explain. Later he rubs my back and some of the tension shifts.


  1. hmm, shifting tension - hope the holiday goes well.

  2. You need a bath with a good book and candles.....

  3. hi clare, sorry I didn't say goodbye on Sat. Went to get a paper,browsed the books, bought a pen and by the time I got back to Andrew and Angela, you had gone . they said you said to say goodbye to me, which was nice.
    Had a look at the knitting website, but I think it'll be easier for me to go to a nice old-fashioned wool shop and browse tactile-ly. Want the wool to be really light, soft and non-scratchy.
    Done all my washing, Peter has cleaned my boots for me (nice boy), and we're just back from Sunday lunch at the pub. So much for promising myself not to eat as much as I did last week.
    It was lovely meeting you - you are such a nice girl - well your'e a girl to me as my daughter is 32! Hope to hear from you.
    Bye for now


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