Saturday, February 02, 2008

Packing, potatoes and best boyfriend ever.

I am away now until 11 February -- I will catch up then. Meanwhile, why not amuse yourselves on the Roll of Honour.

1. A pile of clothes and equipment ready for a holiday.

2. I am not convinced that the little Arran Victory potatoes will cook through, strung on skewers and baked. But I keep faith, and they come out floury and soft as promised.

3. Nick has brought one of his favourite films -- The Sea Hawk -- for me to watch. But I am still keyed up and tense from the reading on Thursday; and feeling skittish because I'm about to go on holiday. I keep shifting and wriggling. Nick remarks that I need to go to girlfriend school, so I explain. Later he rubs my back and some of the tension shifts.