Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Surprise, setting of the sun and lost in a book.

1. Quite unexpectedly, finding the book I want in the wrong section of the bookshop.

2. The red sunlight hits a metal light fitting and bounces all around the room. We watch as it changes colour. I walk around the park once the sun has gone behind the houses and enjoy the golden light. Later, I sit at my computer catching up with work and think how lucky I am to have a view of the western sky. I admire the black roofline spiked with chimneys and go back to my work. When I look up again, the lower sky is a richer orange, and the line where the grey upper night sky begins has dropped a little. I wonder a little at the orange light shining through the holes in a chimney pot, and turn back to the screen. Work continues this way until the sky is dark.

3. Sitting in bed with a book so thrilling that I don't even notice how cold I am and how late it has become.