Friday, February 01, 2008

What will the neighbours think, Cinderella and it wasn't so bad.

1. In an ordinary suburban street, a pink front door and a milk bottle holder planted with little daffodils.

2. I went to the launch of Your Messages, the book which came out of the Write Your Messages Project. Gina at Trying to Write came all the way from Texas to read her piece. She came to the front and said that she was a little overdressed, but so many good things were happening that she felt like Cinderella and it seemed appropriate to dress up.

3. I had been thinking all day about reading my piece. I'd been practising, and worrying a little. I was pleased that I wasn't sick with nerves, but I could feel myself tensing up. It wasn't so bad in the end, and people laughed in all the right places.


  1. somehow I like that lovely doorway- a student gave me a wonderful puppy for Christmas

  2. You were more than 'not so bad', Clare. You were brilliant!

  3. I loved it!!!! totally loved it !!! When I first read your piece I imagined what it would sound like it and it was exactly as I imagined!!!

    I thought you did fabulously!!!


  4. oh and I'm so chuffed that I'm a beautiful thing =)


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