Sunday, February 24, 2008

Transport, long dress and a suit.

1. A man who looks old enough to know better rolls down the street sitting on a skateboard with a gas cylinder between his knees.

2. Rosey comes out of the bathroom in a full length cream dress that sweeps the ground. She looks beautiful, and as always, I envy her for having the sort of figure that favours simple, elegant dresses, rather the expanses of organza and net that I need.

3. Robert -- all this dressing up was for a ball in aid of his trek in Greenland -- isn't really a black tie sort of person and had been fretting about finding something to wear. We arrive to find him dressed in a wool suit bought for £6 from the Salvation Army (apparently Oxfam is too expensive). The legs and arms are too short for him and the trousers have a 50in waist.