Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Disappeared, all mod cons and little mother.

1. We wake to a world hidden by fog. The tops of buildings and the ends of streets disappear.

2. Getting on a train and discovering not only a socket with which to charge my phone, but also free internet access. I spend a happy two hours checking job ads on Google Reader.

3. A little girl in the park pushes her doll in a baby swing. When the swing next it comes free, she puts her lanky stuffed monkey into it.


  1. Hi Clare,

    I love fog. Where I live it's very common that the mountains "disappear".

  2. Hi Clare,

    what a cool site! what a great concept! i found you by doing a blog search on gratitude - I wanted to let you know about my new interactive art project, Thanks Cards:

    Feel free to peruse the cards, sign up for changes, or send in one yourself. The cards I've gotten so far have made me laugh, pause and grin - I hope they do the same for you.

    Mary Beth


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