Friday, February 15, 2008

Message, balloons and presentation.

1. A Valentine's card arrives by post from an affectionate mystery person.

2. Katie, in an unusual moment of Not-Thinking-Things-Through, buys a generous bunch of helium heart balloons right before we go out to lunch. They raise a few smiles as they bob in her wake.

3. I am presented with a shiney red bag containing: (a) Large padded red velvet heart-shaped box of chocolates. (b) Copy of Charles Addams' My Crowd previously admired by me in the window of a second hand book shop.


  1. You've wond an award at the BAFTAs over on mine - would be nice if you could pop over to collect them.

  2. Hmm, sounds like somebody likes you.

  3. This house is great right now: it's full of chocolate! This is a great time of year for bears! Wa-heyy!



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