Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bacon, pennies from heaven and the moon.

1. A sandwich of crispy smoked bacon for breakfast.

2. Getting the call that says there is some gainful employment waiting for me, should I wish to take it -- which I do, because I'm taking Nick away for a weekend in April and I want to spoil him a little.

3. The wind pulls the clouds open for a moment and the a sliver of moon appears. I had seen it in a clear sky the night before, paired with a faint outline of its dark side.


  1. You had me at "bacon", I'm surprised it took so long for it. Someone referred me to your blog via my blog. I think it's a compliment that my blog would remind them of this lovely blog.

    Ooh, and this is a link for all bacon lovers.
    Bacon Weave

    M at

  2. oh, congratulations! i hope it's something you'll like doing.

  3. I live in Nampa, Idaho and I too saw that same sliver of a moon with the outline of it's dark side just as dusk was settling into night time.

  4. #4 love that picture of the moon


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