Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cheese savoury, Braille and clean floors.

1. In my bag is a sandwich labelled 'Cheese savoury'. It's in a crusty long roll and for some reason I am very much looking forward to it.

2. Braille feels lovely (that's what my paid for work involves). It never occurred to me before that it might be just as pleasurable to feel as text can be to see. The paper is thick and creamy smooth and weighty -- you feel as if you are using a high-class product. The embossed dots catch on my fingertips; and few patterns that I now recognise make me feel as if I've been inducted into a secret society.

3. 'It's a bit of a disaster area,' I told the man who has come to clean the carpets. 'Whatever you can do will improve the situation.' When I get home in the evening, a miracle has happened -- the carpets feel... they feel like new, and what I thought were stains have gone. Katie and I keep grinning at the thought of it.