Monday, March 24, 2008

Snow, chocolate eggs and how to make crackling.

My cousin (or at least he's my mother's cousin's son, so he's a relative of some kind!) is blogging about a foot pilgrimage in Spain. Read it at Matt's Camino.

1. The weather continues dreadful, but I make Nick open the nets that protect his living room from public view so we can watch the snow falling. He laughs at me. Later, he makes his Easter Day phone calls, greeting friends and family with 'Happy Christmas'.

2. I am hard at work, when it is suggested that I might want to pay attention to the small chocolate egg at my elbow. I eat it absent mindedly, and have to be poked until I notice another one on the corner of the sofa. The trail leads out of the living room and into the kitchen where a huge and wonderful chocolate egg full of luxurious goodies hides under a bucket.

3. In the course of his phone calls, Nick is given four more possible ways to make good crackling on a pork joint. We mix and match, adding a few more interpretations from the internet and are very satisfied with the crunchy bright orange result.