Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snuggling, chiaroscuro and mope.

1. Dozing and waking on a weekday morning because Nick has the day off. We are lying under a new quilt cover -- the old one was cheap and scratchy (what do you expect for a fiver from Woolworths), but the new birthday present one is so smooth I keep wanting to wriggle against it.

2. On a bright morning, sauntering home the long way so I can enjoy the light and shade on the common. I'll miss the sharp thin shadows of twigs once the leaves come out.

3. There's no point trying to write when I feel this mopey -- so I put on the Afternoon Play and do some tidying.


  1. Clare - May tomorrow be an un-mopey day. (I read your blog via Whitney's Glimpses of Grace and start out my day reading both.)


  2. What a lovely idea! Three Beautiful Things- how sweet. :)


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