Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Glad to be here, wind's dropped and moving the plot.

1. I get a sad little message from Katie saying that on this day of wind and rain, her shoe has a hole and her toes are wet. I am so glad to be at home.

2. Between convulsive storms, when wind and rain batter the house there are half hours of bright sun that lights up wet surfaces and sets rows of drops sparkling.

3. The class is small today, so after we have read everyone's work there's time to do a written exercise. Two people who were stuck find their plot moving again.

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  1. Dear Clare,

    Thank you for the link and the review. I'm very glad you like the piece. As you know, I read 3BT every day and I think it's a brilliant idea in itself. It's just an added bonus that as a writing exercise it is a great way to practice a character's voice, get to know them and find out what they care about. When I am a more exprienced writer, I hope to write a whole story in this format.



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