Monday, March 10, 2008

Squirrel, lunch and games.

SisterMu has done me the honour of basing a story written into the Stargate universe on the 3BT model. I think it works rather well.

1. Watching the squirrel messing around in the tree across the road when I should be working. I wonder if it's the same squirrel that built itself a nest there last year.

2. We go for Sunday lunch at Thorin's, where they have crisp cloth napkins and large wine glasses.

3. Muddy little boys playing football in the park with their dads.


  1. Wow - 3BT around the universe.

  2. It gets everywhere, doesn't it!

  3. Thanks for including the link for the virtual tour. It brightens the day for armchair travelers such as myself!

  4. Heather -- that Thorin's virtual tour is quite thrilling, isn't it. If you click on the restaurant and spin round until you're facing the windows, we had the table on the left.

  5. I love squirrels ... I remember Finland ...


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