Friday, March 07, 2008

Missing time, walking up and game's afoot.

1. Quietly engaged in my work, I look up to see that it's 1.20pm. Must get some lunch when I've finished this page. When I look up again, it's 2.20pm.

2. Walking up to Nick's, I realise I am still getting that feeling of trembly excitement.

3. Tim is leading us in a new campaign. I'm playing an idiot warrior. I love generating a new character, coming up with his backstory and personality; and thinking about why he might be the way he is. Nick cast his horoscope to help the process, and it was interesting to see how we had to bend the interpretations to fit the facts. For example: according to the stars, he lets his head rule his personal life. But since in most other things he hits first and asks questions later... much later, if at all, it was hard to see how this would work. Then we decided that his early life as a slave on the women's island of Zenn had made him very cynical about love, so he would appraise (in his limited way) what he could get from a relationship, rather than diving right in.


  1. Hullo!

    (Just nipped by to say HUllO!)

    3 good things today-

    1 thought it would rain and be grey all day again, then the sun and blue sky arrived.

    2 thought had run out of biscuits, then found a pack at the back of the cupboard. Must have been there since before Xmas as they are 'special ones'. Reckon they were hidden away so we wouldn't eat them before Xmas Day!

    3 fed the birds this morning and the robin came REALLY close...


  2. Oh, I'd love to be nearby and join your games group - they always sound so interesting. And the writing site? I like - thanks for sharing those.

  3. BT -- could do with some of those biscuits here!

    Joe -- Another closet geek, eh? The writing site is a place to which I can point potential employees.

  4. #2 that's a very beautiful thing I hope lasts forever


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