Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sushi, dancing and leeks.

1. A plate of sushi because of the colours and the moment of wondering what each one will taste like.

2. Walking down the hill and spotting Fenella and Andy dancing around like loons in their living room. I'm hoping they were playing with their Wii.

3. Serving green and white leeks on St David's Day. Nick says he saw the Prince of Wales on TV with a tiny leek on his lapel.


  1. A thought from my christmas present calendar of daily readings from "The Secret"
    " To be in joy, take a few minutes each day and intentionally send love to everyone you know, and to the world. Really intensify the feeling of love and peace in your heart first, and then feel that love going out from your heart to everyone. The law of attraction matches the frequencies you send out, and will return love to you multiplied.When applied deeply and correctly this excercise can completely change your life,and at the same time touch the lives of many"
    You do this already Clare, with your lovely site, that is enjoyed by so many. Warmest Thanks, Alison

  2. Thank you Alison. That was something I needed to hear today :-)


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