Friday, April 11, 2008

Art appreciation, stitches and pottery.

1. A party of school children sitting in a gallery. A teacher from the Fitzwilliam Museum is asking them to interpret the symbols in a painting: 'This is all about what you think. Don't worry about what your neighbour has put. Write down what's important to you.' and 'We don't have time to read all of them, but if you want to send them in to us, we do like to read them. We're thinking about maybe publishing a book one day.'

2. In a darkened room -- it reminds me of the nocturnal house in the zoo -- delicate samplers are on display. I imagine the girls and women who made them shyly presenting their work, blinking at the attention paid to their needlework practice. I think these treasures are more precious than the great works because their survival is so unlikely.

3. Finding a room of Chinese pottery -- I like this because I can spot Tang dynasty and Sung dynasty, which makes me feel superior. Also, the Tang's bright glazes and gurning figures and high stepping horses with arched necks are always a joy.


  1. I once did a writing class with a girl who used to work in a museum. Everyday she went to a random exhibit number and wrote creatively about it. I can't think of many things more inspiring that also class as a proper day job.

  2. Jem -- did you ever see my other blog,  12 Old Masters?

  3. Thank you Clare for the links and photos from the Fitzwilliam museum! Being and avid needleworker myself, I am passionately keen to see new (to me, anyway) examples of this art, and never cease to boggle at the young age most of their creators were.

  4. Heather -- I know, aren't they wonderful! Make you sure you go to the museum homepage > Collections > Quick search and look for Sampler -- there are few others that I didn't link to.


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