Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gold, got mail and paper kingdom.

1. Finding a gold pen in among the work-a-day blacks and blues and reds.

2. Seeing two sacks of envelopes -- packed by and labelled by me -- being carried out of the building by the postman.

3. In a fit of spring cleaning, I have bought a new file. I come down on my system like the Assyrian, slashing and hacking as I go, wondering why I kept this, shredding that and tearing stamps off the other. When the job is done, everything I own is in alpha order -- I'm hoping this will mean no more wondering if my P45 is under 'tax' or 'work' or in the mysterious folder labelled gardening, because obviously now it can only be under 'P'. There are some worries -- will I look for a poem by my grandmother to mark my confirmation under G, P or C? My mantra from now on is: 'Got to trust the system.'


  1. Just finished John Naish's book - and headed over...his book has really crystalised lots of things I was already thinking...should be asleep, but brain is whirring!

    My 3BT today..

    playing a game with my children while sitting in the spring sunshine.

    waxing the kitchen table, watching the grain appear as beautiful abstract patterns.

    Watching our Easter chicks learn to 'fly' and jump on their mothers back.

    ....I love the daffodil cat - that's heavenly.

    I really enjoyed your blog - Hen

  2. domestically challenged! i know her! she sent me over here. and i have to say, i love it. i love your blog.

    the three beautiful things i can think of right now:

    1. my bed
    2. my squishy beautiful pillows (okay, so that's like, 8 right there, but who's counting?)
    3. my warm, soft, comfortable, inviting, fluffy down comforter

    not sure where in the world you are right now, but where i am, it's 1015 and i'm going to bed. to my three beautiful things.


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